FAQ System OpenCart Extension

FAQ System OpenCart Extension

FAQ System OpenCart Extension

FAQ System OpenCart Extension

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 One way to popularize your website is to tighten the communication with visitors. And our FAQ System is the right solution for this.

 FAQ System is a useful extension used to manage FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). Administrator can manage FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and customers can find answers for their questions or submit questions easily and quickly . With FAQ System can save time and effort for both customers and site owner. This is actually a perfect extension you need to make your site more friendly, then atract more visitors to your site.

Summary of operation of this module:

This plugin creates a new page in OpenCart where your customers can see all the questions asked so far, and if your customer's question is not there, they can enter their questions. Until the store administrator responds to it and it is displayed on that page.

This plugin has been updated for all versions of OpenCart.

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