Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Products

Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Services

Terms & Conditions for Products and Services

Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Products

Pay attention to the selected version

Due to the launch of the automatic download system and the fact that you can download the product file right after online payment, any mistake you make in choosing the product version is irreversible and the requested version will be available to you only after receiving the product re-payment. So be sure not to choose the open card version of the product you want to buy wrong!

New version only after presenting the store

Due to the fact that for most products, especially version 2 products, it is possible to offer a newer version, if you want a newer version of the products, announce your request by contacting the management before purchasing, after the relevant version is ready. And being in the store, you can buy the desired product version.

Product support terms

Support for all products is possible only through the customer support system and the free support period is only up to one month after purchase, support after one month is possible only with payment and is given only to customers who buy the product , Tickets related to product support must always be accompanied by the order ID in the store (or the domain address registered for the order), otherwise it will not be traceable.

Note that for support or troubleshooting you should not call by phone and only need to register a support ticket, also if you need support for any questions or problems after purchase, you should only register a ticket in the customer support system and in On non-holiday days up to 24 hours and on holidays up to 48 hours wait for an answer, you should never enter multiple tickets together, you should never call that you have registered a ticket and request a faster tracking ticket and you should not reply again to receive a faster response Send to the ticket and request a faster follow-up.

One of the things that must be observed to receive support is to apply for registration in only one way, if in different ways such as registering a ticket, sending an email, sending us a contact, sending a message to different messengers and ... Apply for a request, the support request will be the last priority to be answered, and after responding to all requests in the waiting queue, this request will be answered.

Customize, Compatible, Update And Download

All store products can always be used only for open cards with clean (non-manipulated) cores, if you use manipulated cores or custom corporate cores, the possibility of plugins not working in these cores It is high and the problems caused by the use of these cores will be solved only by paying the hourly support fee.

One important point to keep in mind is that any product may need to be compatible if installed in a format other than the default OpenCard template, if the product in the store is an option to do so. After being informed of this, this will be done only after paying the compatibility fee.

It is possible to offer a new version (update) of the product (depending on the product and the time of receiving the update after purchase) only by receiving 50% of its price in the store, if you have bought a product for which a new update has arrived, it is enough after Get notified by contacting customer support, after payment, receive a new product file.

It is possible to receive an update with "50% of the price in the store" only up to 1 year after purchase, after this time, this discount will no longer exist and if you need to update, you must buy the product again.

The store has no obligation to maintain the download link of the products permanently and up to one year after purchase, the download link is available in the account and the customer is obliged to back up the file received after paying the product to always maintain the terms of use. , Can be used in the registered domain.

Validity of store prices

Since the prices of the products are usually updated together, it should be noted that: "The price stated in the invoice when the customer orders is valid" and the store undertakes to purchase the product at the purchased price. Provide to the customer.

If the price of the product increases for various reasons, then the cost of services, services and extension plugins will change in the same way.

Buy without taxes

None of the products are taxable, so the tax has been removed from all parts of the invoice.

Non-return of products

Because all products have a Persian demo (if you have an English demo, the criterion for delivering a Persian demo is the product) and the customer sees exactly what he buys before buying, all products are irreversible and irreplaceable, so the need Customers should be careful before buying, because no products will be returned after the purchase and can not be exchanged.

Terms of use and attention to product lock mode

If you purchase plugins and modules available in the store in a locked form (due to the fact that currently the locked mode is not provided without Source Guardian and only locked mode can be provided with Source Guardian) you need to be aware that plugins And the modules are locked on the domain of the buyer's store and work only on this address, and to work the locked version with Source Guardian, the customer must before installing the product from the installation and activation of Source Guardian and its support up to version 10.1. 7 Make sure on your host, also the PHP version of the host should be a maximum of 5.6. It is necessary to pay attention to these cases, because after the purchase, if there are any problems, we are not responsible for it.

It is always necessary to keep the host and the store environment in the above conditions, and if any of the conditions of the host or store changes and leads to malfunction or non-performance of the purchased products, the other store support department is responsible for your problems. It will not have.

Ability to send access and management information

Also, if you are buying a product that has the option of installation, installation, installation and compatibility with the template, and if you choose these options, you must send the necessary permissions for installation.

Also, if you want to do the installation yourself and you can not do it after purchasing the product, it must be possible to send host access and management, and of course you must pay the installation fee separately before sending the information. Then request the installation.

Lack of support if manipulation is detected by the user

In some cases, the administrator user enters the host without any technical knowledge, changes the open card or installs a module that has caused problems for the open card and other modules in any case. Follow-up is only possible by paying for hourly support, and we do not have free support for these items.

Lack of product support for non-domain and shop owner buyers

This store does not cooperate with intermediaries and if the customer realizes that he intends to buy as an intermediary at any time, both before and after the purchase, he will prevent the purchase of such people and no We will not have support for these people. Our services are provided only to the owners of the store and domain to be purchased.

OpenCartiha Shop Have This Right To Change Terms And Conditions Any Time, Customer Must View Last Update Time And Read Last Changes With View This Terms.

Last Update : 2020/10/03