Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Products

Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Services

Terms & Conditions for Products and Services

Terms & Conditions for OpenCartiha Products

Pay attention to the selected version

Due to the launch of the automatic download system and the fact that you can download the product directly after the online payment, any errors you make in choosing the version of OpenCart Of the product are irreversible and will only be available to you upon receiving a re-charge of the product. , So be sure to note the wrong product version you want to buy!

New version only after presenting the store

When purchasing products for the version of the product, be sure to note that if you want a newer version of the products, then before purchasing through the support or contact section, ask for a newer version, after preparing the respective version and placing in the store , You can buy the desired version.

Free Support Duration

Support for all products is possible only through the customer support system and the support period is up to one month after purchase, please note that you do not call for support or troubleshooting, and only sign up for support ticketing.

Customize, Compatible, Update And Download

Store prices

Since the prices of custom products are updated in one go, it should be noted that: "The price prevailing when the customer is ordered is valid" and the store is committed to purchase the product at a price Deliver to the customer.

Also, given the rise in the price of the dollar a year ago, it should be noted that our product prices have increased slightly as much as possible, but if necessary and need to be changed, the cost of services, services, and plug-in updates also changed. will do.

Buy without taxes

None of the products have a tax, so the tax has been eliminated from all parts of the invoice.

Failure to return products

All products are irreversible and irreplaceable, so customers need to be careful before buying, because after purchase, no product is returned and not replaceable.

Attention to locking products

If you buy plugins and modules in the store locked (given that now the locked-out mode is not provided by the Guardian and only locked with the Guardian source can be provided) it is necessary to say that plugins The modules are locked on the domain of the buyer's store and only work on that address. In order to operate the locked version of the Guardian, the customer must purchase and install the Guardian Source before the purchase, up to a minimum of 10.1. 7. Make sure your PHP version is up to 5.6. Consideration of these cases is required because after the purchase, if there is any problem, we are not responsible for it.

Possibility to send access information and management

Also, if you are purchasing a product that has the option of installing, installing, installing, and molding compatibility, and if you choose these options, you must have the necessary access to install.

Also, if you want to install yourself and you can not do this after you purchase the product, you must be able to send and manage access and management, and of course, you must deposit the installation fee separately before sending the information. Then apply for installation.

Lack of support in case of user-defined manipulation

Some of the instances seen by the admin user without having any technical knowledge enter the site, modify the OpenCard or install a module, which in any case causes a problem for the modules we have purchased, in this case fixing and troubleshooting the problem. It will only be possible to pay for hourly support, and we will not be free to support these issues during the month after the purchase and after that. And of course, if you need support after a month, it will only be possible with the support fee.

OpenCartiha Shop Have This Right To Change Terms And Conditions Any Time, Customer Must View Last Update Time And Read Last Changes With View This Terms.

Last Update : 2020/04/08