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If a product is finished in your store or if it is not currently available, you can use this module that customers interested in that product after re -existing that product by sending a statement via SMS or email.

How does this module work?

When a product is not available in the warehouse (and its number is zero) and its warehouse status is one with one of the storage settings set in the module, the additional button to the shopping cart on the product page and the performance of add to the shopping cart That product is deactivated throughout the store and clicking the "Let me" by clicking the "Let me" the customer can fill out an notification request to be notified when the product is re -available.

Features of this module for customers :

Regarding the status of the product, they keep them up to date, which allows customers to submit this request in seconds.

Users only need to enter their name, email and mobile, if you buy the SMS plugin in our store, you can send SMS to the user in addition to the notification email.

Features of this module for store management:

Send all notifications in several ways through management (by Cron Job, manual, when product updates)

The presence of this module makes the online store better and more professional.

Helping store management to manage messages

Ability to inform store management via email or SMS when user notifications are registered

Ability to determine SMS and Email Text for the user and management (To use SMS section you must purchase our store SMS module)

Ability to determine the text language texts and form details by managing the module to your liking

And other settings that are specified in screenshots.

Note: All the changes to the template are made by Wikiodd, for version 3 of the OCMOD file instead of Wikiodes, if you have non -default templates, select the "Installation and Adaptation of the Temple" to your template. Be harmonious and adaptable.

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